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During Operation 'Passage to Freedom', 1954

In August and September 1954, during one of her many Far Eastern deployments, USS Bayfield took part in Operation "Passage to Freedom". This effort, a consequence of the end of France's Indochina war, transported more that three-hundred thousand people, nearly seventy-thousand tons of cargo and over eight-thousand vehicles from northern to southern Vietnam between August 1954 and May 1955. Though Bayfield's part in the operation was limited, it was well photographed, as these pages show.

Lansdale Team's Report on Covert Saigon Mission in 1954 and 1955

Following are excerpts from the report of the Saigon Military Mission, an American team headed by Edward G. Lansdale, covering its activities in the 1954-55 period. The report accompanies the Pentagon's study of the Vietnam war, which cites it without identifying the author or date. The excerpts appear verbatim, with only unmistakable typographical errors corrected.

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