A Student's Guide to Police Practices

This Guide was created by The Office of the Independent Police Auditor (IPA).  The IPA office is a non-police agency where a complaint can be filed if young people feel that they have been mistreated by a San José police officer.

The Guide informs students and young people about their rights, as well as their responsibilities, in interacting with the police.  It provides them with information to help them make smart decisions if they are stopped by the police. The Guide also contains basic information about common crimes and how to avoid becoming the victim of a crime.

The topics addressed in this guide are as follows:

1.         Suggestions if You Are Contacted by the Police

2.         Police Practices

a.         Consensual Encounters & Detentions

b.         Miranda Rights & Arrests

c.         Warrants & Searches at School

d.         Traffic Stops

            -  While Driving a Car

-  Driving Under the Age of 18

-  Zero Tolerance for Drinking and Driving

-  Driving Without a License

e.         Profile Stops & Discrimination

f.          Bicycles

g.         Skateboards

h.         Safely Surrendered Baby Law

3.         Common Crimes That Sometimes Involve Young People

a.         Curfew Violations and Exceptions

b.         Trespassing

c.         Jaywalking

d.         Loitering

e.         Disturbing the Peace

f.          Street Racing

g.         Shoplifting

h.         Vandalism & Graffiti (“Tagging”)

i.          Gang Activity

j.          Drugs & Alcohol

k.         Truancy or “Cutting School”

l.          Bullying

m.        Cyberbullying

n.         Fighting & Threatening Others

o.         Disrupting or Interfering with Classes

p.         Weapons on Campus

4.         Youth as Victims of Crime

a.         Hate Crimes

b.         Staying Safe

c.         Internet Safety

d.         Child Abuse

e.         Dating & Abuse

f.          Running Away from Home

5.         Police Complaints

            a.         How to File a Complaint

            b.         No Retaliation

            c.         Office of the Independent Police Auditor (IPA)

6.         Youth Resource Guide

a.         City of San José

b.         Other Resources

            Please click A Student’s Guide to Police Practices to read the guide.

Ba D. Tran

Attorney at Law

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