Ever Since You Came

Ever Since You Came
(Translated by Anne)
Before you guys arrived in here
I was not even born yet
Mom walked to school each morning
Rosy cheeks, a sweet sixteen

After you came, suddenly one day
Grandpa was persecuted and imprisoned
Every night Grandma shed mournful tears
Mom felt sullen -- her innocence was lost

Two years passed from the day you came
On a wintry morning which shrouded in mist
Armed with guns, you came knocking at our door
And whisked Mom away to a labor camp

After one month, Mom returned home
Nothing but skin and bones
Embracing Grandma, she wept:
They raped me, Ma, gang-raped and all!

And so I was born, a fatherless child
Grandma passed away, leaving Mom penniless
Mom scraped a living to support me
Dad was all the while anybody's guess!

Eighteen years after you came
We went totally broke
Mom died of a terminal illness
Now then, what's left but my own body to trade?

Almost twenty years after you came
At sixteen, my body withered -- hardly a dish
I toiled from dawn to dusk
In return just for a loaf of bread!
"You " means Ho Chi Minh.