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Vietnam restricts social media posts

Facebook users in Vietnam on Thursday slammed a new decree which bans people from posting information found online.

Obama quizzes Vietnam President on rights

United States, July 28, 2013: Sang jeered on arrival at White House and has “very candid” talk with Obama

Philippines to meet with Vietnam on sea security

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) led by Secretary Albert del Rosario and the Vietnamese delegation led by Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh will also tackle defense mechanisms and initiatives in the area.

Uh Ho: Obama Says Vietnamese Dictator Inspired by Founding Fathers

In Obama’s credulous citing of the Constitution as an inspiration, there is particular historical dissonance.

Hanoi against the beatification of Cardinal Van Thuân. Canonisation process witness stopped at airport

Nguyên Hoang Duc, literary critic and former civil servant, blocked at the boarding gate. He was expected in Rome, on official invitation, for the closing ceremony of the diocesan inquiry. A meeting with the Cardinal began his journey of conversion which resulted in his baptism. The Communist Government wants to hinder the process.

McDonald’s to bring Big Mac to Vietnam

Vietnam is finally set to get its first taste of the Big Mac after US burger chain

Vietnam Outlook Rated Stable, But Wide Reforms Needed: S&P

Global ratings firm Standard and Poor (S&P) has retained its BB-long term and B short term sovereign credit ratings on Vietnam, and said the country's outlook is stable, Xinhua news agency reported.

Vietnam provider drops foreign news TV channels

At least one Vietnamese satellite TV company stopped airing international channels including BBC and CNN on Thursday, citing a law that foreign governments have warned would result in international news and entertainment channels ending their broadcasts in a country increasingly cracking down on freedom of expression.



In Hard Times, Open Dissent and Repression Rise in Vietnam

 As dissident voices have multiplied among Vietnam’s 92 million people, the government has tried to crack down. Courts have sentenced numerous bloggers, journalists and activists to prison, yet criticism, especially online, continues seemingly unabated. The government blocks certain Internet sites, but many Vietnamese use software or Web sites to maneuver around the censorship.

40 years since post-war exodus, Vietnamese take to sea again, now hoping to stay in Australia

Nearly 40 years after hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese fled the country’s Communist regime by boat, a growing number are taking to the water again.

This year alone, 460 Vietnamese men, women and children have arrived on Australian shores — more than in the last five years combined. The unexpected spike is drawing fresh scrutiny of Hanoi’s deteriorating human rights record, though Vietnam’s flagging economy may also explain why migrants have been making the risky journey.

Vietnamese seek asylum in Aust due to oppression: lawyer

An increasing number of Vietnamese refugees are seeking asylum in Australia by boat.

Australia's immigration department says it's trying to work out the reason behind the trend, with some 460 Vietnamese arriving by boat since January.

Insight: As economy flounders, Vietnam banks on debt cleanup

Central bank deputy governor Dang Thanh Binh told Reuters a bad-debt bank, the Vietnam Asset Management Corp (VAMC), would be set up imminently with $24 million starting capital.

The State’s Policy of Repression against the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam

Vietnam’s deceptive religious policy, with its mixture of subtlety with sheer brutality, may at first seem hard to fathom. But I call upon Congress and the State Department to look behind Hanoi’s mask, beyond the veneer of State-sponsored freedom of worship, and recognize the full extent of religious repression against the UBCV and other non-recognized religions in Vietnam. These are the issues that the U.S. must raise loud and clear in tomorrow’s dialogue with Hanoi.

Vietnam-UPDATE: Four human rights defenders convicted for alleged dissemination of propaganda against the state

On 24 May 2012, four Vietnamese human rights defenders active in the promotion of economic, social, and cultural rights in Vietnam received sentences for distributing pro-democracy leaflets.

Bishop of Hai Phong in communion with his indignant faithful

Hai Phong Bishop voiced his support and called for justice being done on Peter Doan Van Vuon and his family

Hanoi: attacks continue against Thai Ha parish

Local authorities, hooligans and police intensify attacks, threats and acts of violence against Catholic religious and laity trying to defend their parish from unlawful dispossession.

Vietnam remembers its 117 martyrs. An example of courage for the Church today

A conference organized by the diocese of Saigon in memory of the martyrs canonized by Blessed John Paul II.

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