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2013 Women to Watch: Susie Truong Harborth

Susie Harborth started as vice president of operations at GnuBIO and is now CFO at the company, which is developing a desktop DNA sequencing system that costs less than $50,000 and provides results in less than four hours.

Vietnamese refugees' son wanted to repay his country

Tan Quoc Ngo tried and tried to join the Army. But his asthma kept him out.

"Boat person" tells her story at Cal Poly Pomona

POMONA - Carina Hoang was 12 when the Vietnam War ended, but she would not reach safety for another four years.

Two Generations, One Aspiration

After April 30, 1975, millions of Vietnamese citizens were forced to leave their homeland in order to avoid living under a Communist regime.

Nguyen takes command of 2nd Battalion, 44th ADA

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Nguyen took command of the 2nd Battalion, 44th Air Defense Artillery Regiment, 108th Air Defense Artillery Brigade on June 17 at the 101st Airborne Division parade field on Fort Campbell.

How One Vietnamese Immigrant Became Vice Dean of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Vice Dean of Research, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

California legislature—2011–12 regular session - Assembly Concurrent Resolution 63

Assembly Concurrent Resolution No. 63—Relative to Veterans of the Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces Day.

LANL scientists are instrumental in making breakthrough for the Navy

Thanks to the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), the Navy took a big step in its quest to build a powerful new anti-aircraft gun.

Vietnam refugee made bishop

*A REFUGEE who arrived on a boat 30 years ago has become the first

Vietnamese-born Australian Catholic bishop. *

Thuy Vu Wins Award for Vietnam Revisited

“Vietnam Revisited” covered a number of aspects of current life in Vietnam, with a special focus on the long-term impact of the defoliant, Agent Orange.

New startup Color builds community with photos

Bill Nguyen, founder of a new startup company based in Palo Alto, Color, and also a creator of LaLa music service, takes a pose for a portrait at Color headquaters on March 21, 2011 in California.

Vietnamese woman linked to downfall of China's top officials

The story of Ms Li Wei, 48, has been making headlines in China.

Li was born in Vietnam with a mixed French-Vietnamese background. At the age of seven she was brought to Honghe county in China's southern Yunnan province along the Sino-Vietnamese border as a refugee searching for a better life.

A 12 year old Vietnamese University Professor in Virginia

This is good news in the family we could not imagine: Khang Tuong Nguyen, our grandson, was born on 31-2-1999 still not enough 12 year old primary school. He was invited as a professor at the University of subjects in VA "speech skills", 4 hours per week - $ 250 per hour. Of course, all students are bigger than him.

A 17 year old Vietnamese girl is heading to Harvard University

While most others her age are finishing high school, 17-year-old Alexandria Huynh—the youngest graduating senior in the Class of 2010 at Cal State L.A.—is heading to Harvard University this fall to pursue a Ph.D. inimmunology.

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